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Post by george kelly on Mon Apr 16, 2012 12:51 am

What I find disappointing about is the use of this forum or the lack of it by members of the Union.
Eddie has put a great deal of unpaid work into the formation of this useful tool and to see the pitiful list of members on here is a real slap in the face to him.
I know that this message will only reach the members on here but after Eddie`s statement at the last branch meeting I would have expected some more menbers to have joined (It`s Free )
Do you all like to post crap on other Forum`s where you are not really anonymous and put Union business into the public domain ?
If so keep it to unrelated topic`s because the other forum has members that would love to see the Union fall down and among interested parties is the GCC many of whom are dismayed at the vile and scurrilous comments that are aimed at them.
I know that the ones that this post refer`s to will ignore this attempt to make us at least appear Professional in others eyes. These `Superstar` keyboard snipers are a blot on the union`s creditability and do not realise the damage they have and will continue to do US yes US as we are all in the Union together so here`s a new concept THINK before you post !!!!!!! Crying or Very sad

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